Favorite organic/traditional yoyo's that are newer?


Hey guys, one of my favorite yoyo shapes to throw is still the more traditional style, think Hatrick, or Arctic Circle ish. I was just curious out of newer releases what are some of your favorites?

(G2 Jake) #2

How new are we talking?

Triton, benchmark o, nomad

(Owen) #3

This is basically exactly my opinion too haha.


H2Os are supposed to be good and they’re easy to find.


Tenyoyo Bebop should be on the list as well


Puffin and Albatross


Canvas and 54


My benchmarks came today and the benchmark O is very good.


SPYY Orbitron 5000, might be a little old, but with a CT bearing, it is my favorite throw. Very floaty and smooth if tuned, also very stable.


YYO Crayon, SPYY Orbitron 5000, Benchmark O


I suppose 5 years or newer? I don’t really know I suppose. I looked at the Nomad and that is sexy, always thought the Triton was as well.

Thanks for all the responses guys. I’ll look into these.


I loved my original California. They pop up on the BST once in a while. Great classic 401ish shape.


I really like the look of the Nomad. Why does Square Wheels seem somewhat under the radar? Their stuff looks great.