Christmas coming up soon and I totally want to ask for some awesome yo-yos.

But which ones?

What I like, Oxy! I love the oxygene brand. I love dead smooth, floaty, fast, smaller yo-yos. I’m not a fan of the Ozone for this reason, it’s too big. I like yo-yos with that gooey feel when you throw them around, not sure what else to call it. It feels kind of like I’m throwing them through water but not quite. Maybe it’s just a specific weight that gets that feeling for me.

My favorite throw is currently the Syzygy. I also have always loved the Oxy 5 since I got it as my first unresponsive yo-yo. I love throwing the Megatron, and the H2O is pretty good too, but I prefer the Oxy 5 for its more modern shape. I really like the shape of the Oxy 5 and Syzygy.

I own three Spyys and have never been a big fan of them, not sure why, I haven’t spun them in awhile.

I play 1A and 5A, so I want a yo-yo that is good for both.

I’m eying Turning Point but am not sure exactly which ones to get. I’ve heard they’re all dead smooth which I really want.

Please post either yo-yos you think I’ll like or even better links to reviews of yo-yos you think I’ll like :slight_smile: If the reviews are on another site linked to a store please PM them to me.

Thank you all!

I’ve owned a leviathan and clover from turning point. I’ve also thrown a 4b and maxbet. If you like smaller more organic throws the leviathan is perfect and I have a blast throwing mine. I’ve been eyeballing the leviathan4 silver with purple myself but can’t come to spend that much on it yet. On the other hand I thought the clover was absolutely terrible. It was smooth but just fealt awkward for me to throw. Maxbet on the other hand is amazing. It’s a bigger than the leviathan and loses the organic shape but is still smooth and pretty fast.

Another smaller throw I’d consider would be the Something Angle. It’s also dead smooth and fast. The puffin2 is due to be released soon as well and will probly meet all these requirements.

Some other throws worth considering would be:
C3 Glitter
G2 quake
Yoyomonster Checkmate
One Drop Cascade

Thanks a lot!!! I’m definitely looking at turning point a lot. They look like a really good brand. Anyone else have info on them?

Draupnir, Laser.

Which brand are both of those made by? I think I found the draupnir, I’m not sure. And “laser”/“Laser yoyo” in google and the search on here has yielded no results so far.

Why did you suggest those two in particular?

They are both by yoyorecreation. The laser just came out a couple days ago. That’s probably why no results showed up.

Why suggesting these 3?
They are simply splendid!
Absolutely STELLAR

He suggested two yo-yos…? I’ll check them out!

Ah Poop. I made a typo! haha!
Thanks for pointing that out.
And The Specs on both are nice. Just See which suits you better!
But since you adore that Sy…uh. I dunno how to spell it xD
I’d bet the Laser is up your ally!