Favorite sub-$200 Oxygene Yoyo


I would love to hear your thoughts on the under-$200 throws offered by Oxygene.

  • if you own one, I would love to hear your likes or dislikes about it.

  • if you have 2, would love a brief comparison - what you like about one over the other, etc…

I’m thinking about buying one. Thanks in advance for any thoughts you take the time to write.


I only have the io. No complaints. Comfortable, great grinder, good speed.

Can’t say it’s a favorite, but absolutely nothing wrong with it. Pleased with the purchase.


Hey there :slight_smile:

I’m a huge fan of oxygene and have been since my first unresponsive yoyo was the Oxy 5, I love smooth yoyos so we’re a perfect match.

Let’s start with the Oxy five, this thing is deader than dead smooth. You throw your worst throw at it, and it’s smooooth. A lot of this is because of the old adjustable axel system that I’m sad they did away with, although I do see how at high speeds of play a solid axel is more preferred. It gets excellent spin times for its small size, equal to every yo-yo I have other than the Oxy Ozone, which is huge =P. It plays very fluidly and quickly.

Next I’ll go onto the Megatron. This one has a solid axel system so it often vibes a bit when you throw it just based on how the string rolls out of the bind, but always balances out to Oxy smooth quickly. It feels very solid, slightly more stable than their other throws. I would love it in throw and catch tricks, although I’m not that good at them yet. It’s also excellent for 5A.

Next is the H2O, Oxy and Hspin collab. I like it a lot, I’d recommend the Oxy 5 over it as it plays very similarly but has a more modern shape.

Now we’re onto the Ozone. I don’t play this one regularly as two of my bearing are very loud and one of them is currently in the Ozone, as my nicer bearings are in the aforementioned yo-yos which I’m personally more a fan of. The Ozone is way bigger than I like my yo-yos to be. I suspect that if I liked larger throws I would love it, but I like my throws on the medium to small side. It also has a solid axel so it vibes a bit in the beginning.

Note: all yoyos I’ve listed so far are great for all kinds of grinds.

Finally I’ll review my all around favorite yo-yo, the Syzygy. I know you said under 200, so take it or leave it :). The syzygy is a dream to play, I feel that it takes all the best parts of the Oxy brand and puts them together. It has a nice gooey feeling when you move it around, you can really feel where it is on the string, and it flows amazingly well through everything. I have the blue heavier version and the weight is excellent. It again has a solid axel, so a bit of vibe that always smooths out in the beginning.

I hope this helps you decide which Oxy you want! Best of luck on your quests to greater skill levels.


I recently got the io and it makes me want the Syzergy even more. I have always been a fan of the stability and balance I get with the more “organic” rounded shaped yoyos and it feels as though the io/syzergy design was made just for me. It is super stable and performs incredibly well out of the box, but after a brief break it, it got even better. The Megatron’s drastic H-shape scares me a bit as the previous throws with such shapes have been routinely less stable. That being said, I prefer my h-shaped throws for learning new tricks and my organic/rounded throws for perfecting.