Favorite looping yoyo?

For looping there are really just a few throws everyone knows and loves. For example the loop 1080 and of coarse the classic raider. But their are so many looping yoyos no one is really talking about and I want to know your favorite.

My new favorite is the Henry’s tiger snake I recently obtained, 2A is not my style of play but I would love to see someone skilled at 2A get a couple tiger snakes in their hands. It has quickly replaced my mod’d raiders. Not only is the gap adjustable in this throw, but their are also 4! Diff bearings to pick from
A fixed wood axle- very responsive, and fixed axle comp legal.
Woodoo- which is a wood transaxle, all the response of wood axle but longer sleeps
Slider bearing- a plastic transaxle that had surprisingly long sleeps and very responsive
Speed explosion bearing- a metal bearing that makes this yoyo sleep up to 3 minutes, and is extremely responsive, I honestly don’t know how the met such a perfect balance of sleep duration and responsiveness. It is absolutely %100 spot on.

So that’s my favorite, what’s yours!?!

Bearing: I like the Raider EX for the adjustable gap and the YYJ Relic. The weight and balance of both feel good to me.
Fixed axle:The BC Spitfire, The BC Champion, and the TK No-Jive Maple (the one that doesn’t come apart). Again these are the right weight and balance for me.

My favorite would have to be Team Losi’s Da Bom or Grim Sleeper (both the same yoyo just with different color) but with swapped out sticker sides with A-line Da Bom’s.

I have a pair of shinwoo loops that are fun to mess around with.
I’m no master of 2a but I can tell enough that they probably won’t be a 2a competitors first choice :slight_smile: but that said, they are a cheap and fun throw to fool around with and practice.