Looping Yoyo

I just picked up an old school Duncan Imperal, I have not used an looping yoyo for years and it was like ridding a bike. Man was it fun, now i just ordered an Sunster Trajectory. Any one else have an sugestion for another looping yoyo that works well? Like the 702 or the Speed Beetle, or any other kind. I just might have to switch from 1A to 2A for a while :wink:

I’ve been yoyo’ing since 1996 and my favorite is still and probably always will be the Raider. I know people don’t really care that much for Yomega, but the raider with some good thick lube, (not YYJ thick lube) I mean the real stuff like Tri Flo axle lube is the most smooth consistent looping yoyo I’ve ever used. :slight_smile: Loops at the right height and just feels great, at least to me.