Favorite hub design


I am working on designs for a yoyo and thought of this question.
Nipple would be like the Turning Point Leviathan
Nipple Spike = Radical Seas Set Sail
Spike = Monkeyfinger Caeser
Convex = TP Shake or YYF Dogma
Concave = YYF Horizon or iYoyo
Flat = YYF CZM8

3 votes guys pick your top 3

  1. SE compatible, for obvious benefits
  2. Concave/flat, for occasional finger spins
  3. Spike, for aesthetics


Concave, flat, or a mixture of both like the CZPoint :stuck_out_tongue:


Haven’t bought a throw without a flat or concave hub since I learned to finger spin.


I like the isotope 2 hub for aesthetics but if I were designing a throw I would leave a flat hub.

(mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh) #6

You can still do finger spins on yoyos with spikes or nipple by catching the rim.


It is possible but it is much more enjoyable with a flat hub.