Favorite drummers

Bill Buford, Neil Peart, Herb, Stewart Copland, Phil Collins

You named them all :frowning: I especially like Neil Peart. Even though i probably spelled his name wrong. Basically anyone who makes the drums into an instrument and not just a tempo keeper.

Jimmy Chamberlin, Jimmy Chamberlin, and Jimmy Chamberlin. :smiley:

Buddy Rich!

Nope you got it right.

I suppose people here don’t know of inferno from behemoth then. Or vitek from decapitated. He’s my favorite, even if he died in 2008 on my birthday, he’s a God for metal drummers. Inferno is as well, because he has a melodic speed, not a noisy speed.

I also think Stewart Copeland is better than Neil, just due to the size of their sets and that Stewart is a better percussionist and is older. I am so happy I saw the police on their last tour years ago.

two of my favourites as far as metal drummers go
OP listed pretty much all my favourite rock drummers.

Gabriel Linderman

I haven’t got too into metal drummers, though I have a huge respect for the style of drumming. I was watching a richard christy (charred walls of the damned) studio video recently, pretty great. slipknot’s drummer is very talented though I’m not too into their music as a whole.

If you count Korn then David Silveria was excellent. Then of course terry bozzio is fantastic as well. Though I’m more familiar with his work with Zappa being I didn’t really follow Korn’s work much after 2005 or so, once their guitarist left.

They are so different stylistically I’m not sure it’s possible to say one is better than the other.

That’s true, But Seeing Copeland live for the last time with Sting and Andy made me happy, and he really is amazing. I love all sorts of Genres of rock/metal, so I can appreciate any kind of talent.

Danny Carrey!!!

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Neil Pert all the way!

Alex Acuña, Brian Blade, Antonio Sanchez and some Norwegian drummers. Stewart Copeland is also a great one.

I forgot the name of the guy but he’s a drummer… and he has long hair. yeah

Speaking of Norway…Black Metal!!! Gotta Love Bathory, Burzum, Darkthrone…etc…

I think I’ve heard of that guy.

@Sniffyo on twitter

coop3rd drumm3r

look him up on YouTube, INCREDIBLE stuff.

Alan Wren of The Stone Roses and Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy are the only answers coming to mind right now.