Best Bassist on This list


Which of these guys is your favorite?

Steve Harris

Matt Freeman

Lee Rocker

Michael Manring

Jaco Pastorius


I honestly cannot choose

(Raphael) #3

Isn’t it a bit unnecessary to have two bass threads. Nothing against bassists or anything, but why couldn’t have this question be posed in the other bass thread?


It’s 5 different bassists

(Raphael) #5

Couldn’t you have asked which of the 5 bassists are better in the other thread?


No, that thread was about the 5 listed in that particular thread. Why are you being so difficult?

(Raphael) #7

I’m just sharing my opinion


My favorite bassist is the dude from anti-flag I love the angry young and poor bass line. He always super insane


Yah, he’s pretty good. Just sometimes he seems to think hitting 10000 notes makes you good. I like the “stars & stripes” bassline


Yeah his basslines are always super fast and lightning fingered. Also you can not forget about Rhino from Mudvayne! He is epic. Umm Geddy Lee lol. I also really like the bassist from The Get Up Kids alot. LOL my computer is slow or I would watch the videos. the only bassist I know is the dude from Rancid and he’s good.


Lee Rocker for sure.

My favorite bassist is Cliff Burton though.


The guy from Anti-Flag uses a light pick. And the guy from Mudvayne is super overrated in my opinion.