Any bass Players?

I have recently started playing bass and wondered if there were any other low-end enthusiasts out there! Lets have a discussion.

Bass is in my top two favorite instruments. Jazz is my favorite to play on bass.

I enjoy playing Rush (among other things)

I play mostly jazz and funk. Great instrument.

I recently started a few months ago. I love playing reggae with my brothers. :slight_smile:

Reggae bass is some really cool stuff indeed.

I’ve just started to take up bass. I’m pretty much doing it for marching band since they needed a bass player. Should be pretty fun.

Yes, but can you sing, play bass, and keyboards at the same time?

I can’t sing, but I do play Emerson on keys :wink: Piano was my first instrument, and I can play this, I just haven’t made a video yet.

Guitar, bass, mandolin, piano, banjo, harmonica, uke, and percussion. Music is awesome!!

I have 9 bass guitars, I love them. But, I play the bass like it’s a lead instrument…I play melodies on it, sometimes basslines, but not as much really. I’m on my own planet with it.

^^ I feel like doing this sometimes as well. I like Geddy Lee and Chris Squire because they tend to play more interesting melodic parts.

Being a lead guitar player first and foremost all of my bass playing is melodic with a lot of fast arpeggio and scale based stuff.

My favorite bass player will probably always be Jaco Pastorius.

Hes pretty awesome. Victor Wooten is probably one of the best around too. If you haven’t heard him you should check it out. Hes a regular with Bela Fleck and hes done plenty of other solo and session wotk too.

I have so many favorites. I also enjoy Jaco and Victor, but I’m also in awe of Stu Hamm with the stuff he does playing the bass as a lead. Victor was really good live when I saw him with Marcus Miller and Stanley Clarke on tour for that album they recorded together. That must have been a first, three well known bass players recording an album together. Pretty cool. Check out some of the DVDs of Victor…you can probably find a lot of that stuff on Youtube, but he’s indeed a genius. I have to admit that I’m not into the “thumping” stuff he does too much, using the bass to make percussion sounds, but that version of Amazing Grace he does is fantastic…a classic. What bass are you guys playing? My favorite so far is my Warwick Corvette and I play with my MK Traveler bass as a novelty…it’s just a cool little toy. I have a bunch of others, but my top 3 are the Warwick, MK Traveler, and a Fender Victor Bailey acoustic.

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Due to the fact that bass is a secondary instrument for me I just have an old beat up fender jazz. I want to pickup a six string to mess with though.

Playing a Warwick Corvette myself. Planning to get a Fender Jazz. Those basses are just so good to play on, and they sound great.

That Warwick is heavy too…sounds great, but very heavy. I wish I had more time to play. I have a lot of hobbies, so I have to spread myself thin with everything. Then…there’s work that gets in the way of me doing a lot of things I want to do. Sometimes I just play along with a drum machine, and I have a drum machine that has basslines included with the preset beats. I’m able to take the basslines out and play my own, or I can keep them in and play the melody parts as lead instead. That’s a fun way to play. I also have a loop station, and I’m able to just layer different parts until I have a whole song. I’ll play a bassline and loop that, then I’ll play the melody parts…that’s fun too. I like to play the whole song with just bass except for the percussion. Hope that all made sense, but the little toys that go with the bass are also pretty cool. Tell me some of you guys effects units and stuff you like to use for your bass…I might get something new soon.

Before this thread dies, I have to mention that I had a nice jam session with Fellavader and Mgiroux Saturday. We all had fun, those two on guitar, me on bass, and the drum machine was the drummer lol. I was rusty, but we sounded good. Me and Fellavader were talking about how yo-yos can bring cool people together. Fellavader seem more rock/metal, Mgiroux more rock/blues and I’m the hiphop/r&b/reggae type. We all vibed though…great time. I brought my Schecter stilleto cause it travels well. :slight_smile: