favorite 5a set up


what is your favorite 5a sutup name the yoyo type of string and CW mine is a CLYW Peak and green Gstring and a monkey CW how bout u?


LB Genesis, Yellow YYE String, and a Yellow Die


Purple gold splash boss yellow string monkey head cw


Why is this in unrelated discussion?


cause it dosent fit in anywhere else where do u think it should be


General yoyo forum?


Freehand 2, My own Homemade string and a little Pikachu toy for a CW


Madhouse Epic , Chaos string, my own die CW (its smaller and lighter than the Duncan one)


dv888, with polyester yye edition sting, with a flying squirrel counter weight

(DOGS) #10

DV888/ProtoStar, yellow ball.

(Jei Cheetah) #11

mk3/trainwreck v1 with double dice.




right now

DV888 - graou string lime (thin) - yellow noobie ball

(Bradley Moss) #14

SB Genesis OR YYF VK (the actual VK, not the VK Ed Supernova) with StringsByToby and a yellow die.


Right now: speed dial, any poly string( color preferred) with my homemade red die cw

Future: protostar, any poly string, and homemade red die cw

(Troy(oyo) #16

Either: Protostar with regular white poly and red ball

      Glow Dienasty with blue dice.


MMZ, Nor Cal Inspired String, Yellow Duncan Dice. :slight_smile:


blue and green Genesis / rainbow G-string / D20 cw


My Favorite has been G5+ with Green Highlight and my own clear die counterweight.
Right now its a Four saints beast with green highlight and same counterweight, and an Epic set up the same way.


DMv1, green poly string and a blue duncan dye