Favorite 4A YoYo

Still your choice and viewers…vote! ReXtreme! Go Big! Or Big Ben!

I played a ReXtrteme. Really nice. Wouldn’t mind getting one some day.

But, of what I have, the Fiesta XX hands down.

You just happened to not list my favorites an equinox and the Aquarius

The Go Big would be my pick. Its easy to throw and easy to catch. Pretty good spin time as well.

The ReXtreme. The wide catchzone and weight matches my style of orbits and some tech.

omg guys, the milkshake?!!?! your making alot of these threads, atleast put an “other” option to choose

i agree, that there should be an “other” option. But still, Big-Yo, or my original Fiesta, hands down.

Please don’t forget the Solar. Crucial, 3yo3, Yonity, and Adegle are also working on/have new offstring designs which look amazing! Higher prices though

I meant to vote for Fiesta XX but I accidentally clicked on ReXtreme :stuck_out_tongue:

I use a hayabusa SL from duncan