Favorite 4a yo-yo for Soloham

Hi! It’s been 5 entire years since I’ve posted!
I’ve missed this community and I’m glad to say I started to yo-yo again and catch up on all the new stuff and I picked up my old 4a yo-yos (go big hayabusa magic yo-yo t1 and an Apollo)and I’m looking to buy 2, but it looks like the market has been totally flooded with new stuff and I really would love some advice on 2 4a yo-yos for soloham. I’m willing to save up but 2 budget ones for now would be dope!


I’m no 4a expert. But, I think the C3 Flawless-Classic is a great 4a throw. Seems to be forgiving and stable.

Topyo marshmallow I’ve heard is good.

YYJ Big Yo. Light-weight yoyos make this trick easier to learn.

I’m gonna look into that one! Definitely looking into the 2 flawlesses too
The big yo isn’t stable enough for me wasn’t a fan
I’m mainly looking to learn harder tricks and soloham!


I am going to recommend none other than the Duncan Pandamonium. It is my favorite 4a throw and you will love it, especially for Soloham.


The pandemonium looks great! I was considering g Jetset EGs now too
I also need to buy some bulk string. What’s like fashionable bulk string nowadays still fat kitty? Is there better?

I’m also using a couple of the classic Flawless. The width is all catch zone and is not sharp on the hand at all. It also has adjustable spacers so you can fine tune to minimize snag, until you got your technic buttoned down… Still a very good design and is the one that has won several world champions from Rei. It maybe on sale right now due to the new version (the one with the metal rings).

As for strings, Rei uses Kitty fat for the first 4a yoyo, and kitty normal for the second one for doing Soloham. I have experimented with different kind of strings for 4a in my quest to avoid that snag where the 4a throw rams back to your hand unexpectedly after the initial throw/release - polyester, nylon, markmont strings, airetic, other non-bulk polyester brands). Kitty fat and normal is perfectly adequate in the end, and I realized it’s all technic that will prevent those painful snags.