Faviorite Yoyoer's Music

Hey Everyone!

Have you ever watched a contest routine and found that you really like the song that they player chose for their routine? Or the type of songs that the player typically chooses are always really good?

So which yoyo player do you think has the best music taste for contests?

As for myself I really like Tessa’s and Gentry’s song choices. Most of them I wind up putting on my iPod.

I really hate to be a music snob, but I hate most of the techno stuff people use. It seems like they can’t creatively incorporate the music into their freestyle, so they just use something upbeat. While this is O.K., I really appreciate when people use something less conventional than dubstep. Janos’s 2013 world’s freestyle is a great example of solid music use.

That being said, I really don’t pay attention to the music most people use for yo-yo freestyles. Most of the time the songs just bore me with their repetitive nature. For this reason, I really can’t say who uses the music I like the most. I guess I use the music that I like the most-- interesting ( :wink: ).


Whoops. Accidentally clicked “thank you” when I was trying to quote. Anyways, I definitely think that it’s not really the music, it’s about how you use it. I definitely agree on saying that Janos’ 2013 Worlds music use was some of the best I’ve seen.

Zach Gormley always uses pretty great stuff

I like takeshi matuuras music; not really a fan of his 2014 5a one tho

I like Zach Gormley’s kind of old school music and I also like Gentry’s awesome dubstep music.

Gentry- Razor Sharp
Takeshi- Alive, Magnetic Eyes
Iori- Gold Dust
Zach- Ain’t no sunshine

Zach Gormley’s Aint no sunshine was by far one of my favorites.

I think a lot of what you end up thinking of a competitor’s music selection just comes down to your personal tastes in music, but in general I think players who are really performance-oriented and have polished presentation skills tend to also put a lot of thought into the music and do a good job of choosing things that work well with their style. Players like Tomonari Ishiguro, Mark Montgomery, Kazuaki Sugimura, and Rei Iwakura come to mind (and plenty of others as well) as far as choosing stuff that, whether I would normally listen to it or not, does a good job of complementing performance. Tomiyuki Watanabe probably also deserves a mention for his AP division stuff.

Gentry gets a LOT of points because he times nearly everything with his music, but my personal preferance isn’t for the kinds of songs he chooses. I did like Zach’s “Ain’t no sunshine” remix though.

I listen to Die Antwoord- Baby’s on Fire, Cookie Thumper, and Ugly Boy.
NSFW! Not for kiddies okay! Only adults may listen to this good stuff!
Gets me in the mood for anything, great while I practice!