Gentry Stein World Champion 2014, 1A Freestyle


Sorry about the audio.  Enjoy


That was amazing


Awesome performan I feel takeshi would have done much better with a different song…
(Like his JN finals or NJ performance)



The judges don’t judge your taste in music. Takeshi lacked the performance that gentry had.


I wonder why he used a glove, he didn’t seem to be going that fast.


Best part started at 2:15 :smiley:


Good musical taste adds to professionalism points. So the judges could judge your musical taste.


One nice little detail I found is that Gentry used a song called Razor Sharp by Pegboard Nerds & Tristam

(The part starting at 0:44 sounds similar)

Notice how the Shutter logo on his shirt has a razor blade edge to it? Just a nice little touch that I feel should get more notice. Kinda reminds me of when Christopher Chia wore a “Take That” shirt during AP 2011


This worlds was notorious for being hot and humid, this was probably a precaution to have a smooth freestyle that didn’t have a mess up because of some sticky hands that was beyond his control.


Taste is a preference. You can’t have a good taste or bad taste in something. Tyler severance played a 2-Chainz song for his freestyle last year and still got 2nd. Pretty sure the judges aren’t into 2-Chainz. The rules say nothing about taste in music. It’s how you play to the music that matters.


Sorry my question seems a little subjective now that I look at it again
I meant to say that his other songs matched his performance much better.
Also, in what way did takeshi lack the “performance”?
He missed much more than gentry yet he lost by only 1.5
And I’m petty sure if he hit his arm bind, he would’ve won, as it causes a restart, loss of time, and missing the flow of the music.


I meant lacking performance point wise. Takeshi had 13 points and Gentry had 17.4.

(Former National 4A Champion) #14

I think music choice does have an effect. Even though the judges don’t consciously give more points for music choice, good music choice makes the routine more electric, and the judges may give points more easily because they are getting into the freestyle. Also, good music choice leaves an impression on the judges that may be reflected in the performance categories.


Well, yoyoers in general don’t seem to have much musical taste at all, being that many of them seem to just want to blow your brains away with insane drum and bass that have little or nothing to do with what there skills are at. And they certainly can if they want to at that, for after all, that’s where the fun is. It doesn’t mind me, I can just take a step out of the room.

But you come telling of how musical taste doesn’t matter in scoring, you of what knowledge. If you want to have a serious discussion with me about musical taste in the world of yoyo I will gladly welcome you. But since this is off topic on the thread at hand, it would be necessary and proper to PM me or start a knew topic.


I think music choice matters in the sense of whether the song/piece has good cues in it for tricks. The genre, whether it be rap or dubstep, doesn’t matter. I’m down for a discussion through PMs if you’d like to have one.


Gentry messed up nine times, takeshi ten. You just think that because gentry has a cleaner style.


Gentry is taking the Internet by storm hes talked about on the PDS today

And is on YouTubes most viewed page.


1 million in 6 days


Better quality sound