fav trick?

whats ur fav trick mines barrel rolls

Anything I have made up.

i love barrel rolls

Yeah…you already said that.

Red Clover


Um…why was that necassary?

idk :stuck_out_tongue:

cold fusion

My own trick

McBride Rollercoaster or SeaSick ;D

Barrel rolls, kwijibo, buddha’s revenge, pop and fresh, gyro flops and plastic whips.

I love how plastic whips make a circle and the yoyo drops in the circle o.0 and i like whipping for gyro flop, but the flops are what entertain a crowd.

mine is microscpic flop

Mine is gyromach, Aggro Crag, and air hike!

Spirit Bomb!!! (such an amazing feeling when you finally get it!)

i also lke plastic whip ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

would have to be And whut…

My favorite trick is Budha’s Revenge.