fav trick

mine are

  1. cold fusion
  2. eli hops
  3. my gt combo
    4.mach 5
    5.my signiture mj moon walk (ill post a vid of it)

what are your fav tricks ???

Hmm…Thats a toughie for me.

  1. Any Slack tricks I make up, mostly inspired by Guy Wright.
  2. Any Chopstick Tricks I make up, mostly inspired by Paul Dang and Mark Montgomery.
  3. Tech.
  1. any lactation
  2. skin the girbel combo
  3. any whips and slacks
  4. flops
  1. Gyro Flops Cough! I can do Cough! 16 Cough! in a Cough row! Cough!
  2. Plastic Whip
  3. Jade Whip
  4. Gravity Pull Split Bottom Mount Combos
  5. Bind Returns Pop-N-Fresh

Btw, there was another post like this by flyingsquirrel.

im flyingsqurril i made a new guy cuase i dont like the name flyingsqurril

Please, please, please, don’t spam. That has nothing to do with this topic.

I don’t really have favorite tricks, but I guess I like the ones that I made up.

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Eli Hops