fav pro?


Who is your favorite pro yoyoer?


Jensen Kimmett all the way. Love his super smooth style and he’s got a good sense of humor. All around the best IMO.


I’m with you on that one!


Isaac Sams, Keiran Cooper, Charles Haycock


harold owens
guy wright
gentry stein
tyle severance
zach gormely


Tyler Severance, Drew Tetz, and Marcus Koh :grin:


Zach Gormely been loving his style for a while


alex jv



probably aznnboyaZ on here. If it does not count because he is not sponsored, then Tyler Goldman.


How are all those slacks possible!!! He is amazing!


They are all awesome! Steve Brown, Jensen Kimmett, Charles Haycock, and all the One Drop Team! are some of my favorites to watch. I like it when a pro can make a throw seem like a natural part of them and can show a good sense of humor and character!


^^ exactly why I love Jensen cause the yoyo looks like its moving on its own. His pops are my favorite.




i have a bunch

zach gorms
pat borgerding
gavin lent
chase hadden
malcolm chiu
mark mangarin


Jensen Kimmitt
Harold Owens III
Tyler Severance
Gentry Stein
Zach Gormley


Love the fisheye. Also, that man is a robot built to make me feel inadequate. It succeeded.


The Canadian one.