Fav. Canvas

Just wondering, whats your favorite edition of the CLYW Canvas? Mine is the Donut Hurdler.

I really liked the ones with owls painted on them.

Mr. Curmugden is clearly the best.

Lost in the Arctic is cool too.

I love the Lucky Canvas ;D

What the…??? Is that a production run?

Nope he got it custom.

Thought so. I always try to stay up to date with CLYW and Ive never seen that one before. Did Jason Wong do it for you?


Mine is definitely the Latitude 53 Canvas. That also happens to be my favorite edition of the chief. Right now I have a donut hurdler Canvas.

Yes, as part of a trade. All I can say is I love how it’s unique. I had him custom ano it to what I wanted, so naturally it’s my favorite of the canvas’s haha

Nice job making that colorway! It looks great! Jason Wong also did an amazing job annoing that for you.

My favorite has to be any one in any condition that I can get my hands on

Mine is the Bip-Bop Canvas.

I love the Canvas, I have a Longjohn hurdler (I want a donut hurdler :(), a pinkerton and the black/green weirdo

my fave is the pinkerton!

Yeah my Pinkerton looks pretty cool too! However I’d have to go with Latitude 53 or Donut/Ninja Hurdler as my favorite colorway.

Latitude 53 is awesome. It looked like some of the old CLYW ano-jobs.