Just posted on the CLYW Blog! Photos of each colorway that will make up the 2nd run of canvases!

They all look so niiice! I wonder what kind of engravings they will be doing on them.



Minty Mint Mint Mint for me, assuming I can snag one in the 5 minutes it takes to wipe out any inbound CLYW stock AND have the cash.

(Had a little issue come up recently, wiped me out… waiting for another incident to come to load me back up!)


Pretty sick.


Holy Crap… When i made this topic there were only 2 colors shown. After seeing your reply for minty mint mint mint i got confused. Clicked on the link and bamm there are a BUNCH!

Im going for the Latitude 53 one for sure. That thing is incredible



I kinda like the Latitude 53 as well, but I would prefer blues over reds. That’s why I’m going with the minty mint mint mint(yeah, it’s more green, what can I do? Nothing!)

If I had to have a fall-back choice, it would be the Latitude 53.


See im the opposite, i would choose red over blue :D. Red is my absolute favorite color, and i love how the blue and white compliment it in that yoyo.

My fallback would be either the black bip bop or “the oil”.



Bip Bops are only going to be auctioned unfortunately.

My first choice would be Black with Green Speckles, then Latitude 53, then Blue with Orange Speckles (oil?).


Want so much.


crippling amounts of wantingness…


I thought Jensen’s company was going to adopt the canvas design. Not yet?P


Has he announced anything about it yet? I haven’t heard anything, but I was wondering that as well…


I already got me a canvas. Potato Hurdler. I <3 Canvas


can someone give me the specs and price for it?


they run from around $140 and up…

and i am waiting for the engraved ones to come out …

(Edmeister) #15

But are they DINGKFACE?

So glad I got this in a trade.

Payed what I didn’t want to but Definetly worth it.

Should take more pics of my CLYW Collection ~.~ Chiefs Anyone?


Dang that looks nice and it might be worth a good bit more then you payed some day. (Maybe it’s already worth more XD )


For real, though, saw a Fool’d Gold Chief on the BST for like $130 the other day. That’s just ridiculous.

(Edmeister) #18

Thatd be mine sold it for 250$-70$ shipped priority lols


Good lord people are stupid sometimes…

Not you, obviously, that’s a hell of a profit.


do want bipbop edition. any idea of when these are being released?