That Grassy lake chief on eBay...

Some of you may already know about the grassy lake chief that’s on eBay. but if you don’t ITS REAL. I don’t know how long I’ve wanted this color way, but its finally come up. I’m not a big fan of the eBay game, so I will not be bidding on it. I would have traded this guy some crazy rare stuff (My precious, and MIB G3T!!). I just hope it doesn’t go to a hoarder, and I will never see it again. Sexiest color way besides Green Ghost. Well here is the link to the eBay add.

Dang it’s almost at $200 already man people will pay large amounts for a colorway…

What I find strange is that 23 were made, which is pretty normal for a color way run, and you NEVER see these.

probably because people don’t want to sell or give them away because they like the color.

when i saw it i immediately thought of you!!

why arent you going to bid on it?

lol not even that good looking. What a bizarre hobby we enjoy.


The feels of being out bid last second… there real.

Lol, how do you not like minty mint and green?!

i have a minty mint mint and its my FAVORITE color out of all of the colors. i also have a musket, that i bought for $115. prolly the rarest chief other than buffalo bob.

and a grassy lake for that much… i am happy for the owner that put it on ebay haha

imo It looks like a shinier version of Foxy Moss with less silver acid wash-y areas.

200 and 2 days left.

I’ll just make one thank you.

He listed it in the BST, but only wants to sell it on eBay.,72067.0.html

What I was thinking. Except I like Foxy Moss better.

This is what happens when 2 people really want something :stuck_out_tongue: I can definitely see why though, very classy color, not available on any other model and it’s a 65 gram Chief which some people swear by as a player (having owned one, they are pretty awesome).

The next one that pops up for sale could easily end up sitting on the BST for a while for $100 if it goes unnoticed and if the guy doesn’t know how much this one ended up going for on eBay. Alternatively, this one selling for so much might convince a couple guys to put theirs up for sale for crazy prices. The CLYW market is an odd thing these days…

I’ve only seen one Broken Twill Chief available for sale ever between the BST and eBay and I consider myself insanely lucky to have paid $86 for it as it is “the one” for me as far as Chief colorways go. $86 for a MIB Chief is all but a steal anyway imo.

Stickman, you going for it?

Hmmmm, It would appear someone wants that one pretty bad. It’s going to cost me a pretty penny that’s for sure.

This will require some thought.

I think this still holds the record though

It would be the pièce de résistance of your chief collection, imo.

Lol, I think I remember asking you if you had a grassy lake at one point.