hey guys i dont throw anymore and looking to sell everything

yoyojam legacy- pink few marks plays good 10$
yomega ooch- mint unresponsive translucent yellow 5$
3yo3 cosmo- clear super cool yoyo plays good 30$
c3 trident- b grade clear anno still plays awesome 50$
yoyofactory 888- 2007 year blue with red dicestacks quite a few white marks 45$
yoyofactory dv888- blue usa edition plays awesome has 3a and 5a marks 30$
yoyofactory severe- 2009 metal severe with caps few dings red acid wash awesome yoyo 35$
yoyofactory supernova- new supernova very near mint 1 tiny mark soo good blue/black acid wash 60$
yoyofactory g.5- mini g5 great pocket throw couple dings clear anno 25$
clyw chief- minty mint light marks all over no actual dings plays great 60$

pictures coming soon with update


What colorway is that chief?


Minty Mint.


pm with paypal ready :wink:


I pmed him like last week lol. Still no reply.

(Cerulean) #6

I PMed him too and he hasn’t been on since the 28th. Looks like this threads done


Pretty sure everyone was trying to get that chief and 09 severe


lame sauce haha

(Cerulean) #9

are 09 severes sought after or something? I have one that i don’t use too much

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