Fat vs Normal Kitty String?

Which one for my Summit? I feel Type X string snags too much on the summit…

I usually prefer normal Kitty string but with the Summit, I find that the fat stuff works better for me.


Fat. It’s softer and binds better than normal.

Will the fat snag more than the normal

Bump, need help here…

The fatter the string, the more potential for a snag.

I was having the same problem with my Summit… The issue is with the response.
I absolutely despise CLYW response pads (both white and aqua).
I swapped them out for Hard IrPads, and now I can use any string I like without snagging.

I actually really dislike the fat Kitty string, especially in my Summit. I’ve exclusively been playing String Lab Type X or String Lab Ammo in my Summit (with aqua and white Snow Tires) and never had a single problem with snagging. I know Kitty string is budget friendly but I also feel like it breaks down/wears out way too quickly. I don’t like to be constantly changing string and all Kitty string, in my opinion, lasts 1-2 days before it’s all shredded and ceases holding appropriate tension at all.

will a trifecta bearing decrease snagging?