Fat Kitty String?


I was wondering, how thick are they? Do they affect grabbiness in any major way? Could you compare the thickness to the standard Toxic Strings? I am buying a some string and don’t know whether to get fat or normal.


They are certainly “fluffier” than Toxic strings (standar poly is fluffier than standard Toxic!), but in the long run Fat Kitty are thinner. They’re barely-perceptibly thicker than normal Kitty… not a whole world of difference here. I like them but I actually wanted them to be fatter. So if you’re worried they’ll be “too fat” I wouldn’t sweat it. They’re not wacky fat or anything. After a little while, I forgot they were even supposedly thicker.


Fat Kitty String is by far my favorite budget string. It is definitely not too thick. It even works great on my small gap throws.


Agreed. It’s not really very fat and works very well. Don’t be turned off by the “fat” adjective. The extra “fatness” really just seems to help it whip and lacerate cleaner. It’s wonderful string.


Well they’re great for video taping but I’m not a fan of them I’d go with the YYE strings but that’s just me