Fast and stable

Thanks for the info!

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These were my exact thoughts. I don’t think you can go wrong with the Hummingbird given your stated preferences.

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Looks like I should really look into the humming bird! Thanks everyone! I’ll take a gander through the ones listed. Multiple are already on my list, so even better!


Not just any Hummingbird, you need the Thanosbird


Got to play a hummingbird at WYYC. Did not jive with me at all!!! My “fast and stable” recommendation would be the MVP if you dislike the typical bimetal feel the Hummingbird offers.

That seems like more of a personal choice. I’d say most people enjoy the Hummingbird and other top bimetals.

Most of those people would enjoy the MVP more if they were being honest.

Are you talking about the mvp3?

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I think the Flashback by UNPRLD will defintely fill this. Its quick, its fast, in that diameter and width range to a T, and is being restocked very very soon.

Other good yoyos in this category include the already stated Hummingbird


If you have already bought a yoyo (since I just realized the last reply was in august and i dont pay attention) i hope you like your yoyo :slight_smile: