fallow to brent stole

i have saw some people in vids do fallow and suddenly do a hook or brent stole.can you guys give me a link to a tutorial that show how to do it. Thanks

Its very simple, you just stop the follow, and do a brent stole. usually they catch the whip first. So they whip their hand, then just do it from there.

thats what i thought but wheni tried doing it ,it doesnt look so smooth…

Drat when i tried it i couldn’t get it. Sorry man, cant help you :-[

yes pat cuatero did this at a contest i was at. I dont think its a follow to brent stole as much as it is taking the whip created by follow and using it as underslack to make a brent stole.

thanks rsmod it worked

hey this tricks all about timing- after follow land the jade whip loop on ur non throw hand, tose the string round your throw hand anti clock iwze(so it goes back the way it came). In one movment whip, try bringing in ur non throw hand and bring ing ur throw hand closer to make the loop bigger. I find pinching the string easyer to whip(pinch the string coming from ur throw hand as close as you can)
good luck.