brent stole help !!!!!!!!!!!

I find brent stole pretty hard to learn. Any tips, please? Thank you!

It will take some practice. Best wishes with the trick.

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nice tutorial!

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Thank you! I was trying to find a good trick to create a tutorial for and LaMonte (Amplified) suggested making one for the Brent Stole. It kept me busy for awhile trying to figure out the actual mechanics of the trick since it happens so fast.

Honestly the important thing with learning new whip tricks is understanding how it works. Makes things a lot easier when you’re not just whipping the string hoping something magical is going to happen.

You might want to start with an older string, as they whip around faster, at least to me. Start the stole from the sleeper position (thrown from a breakaway and let stop moving), it is an easier starting position than day from the trap. Don’t bounce the yoyo too high: waist/belly button seems to be what is said most, but figure out your best. Make sure you are moving the string clockwise when throwing the stole. Be just behind the yoyo (centimeters) with the initial string on the whip. You can curl the string (just the back one) with your nth pointer as it comes around, or just place it there, whatever works best for you. Sometimes pinching the string with your nth is ok so you can see the formation start to happen. Right after you place your nth pointer over the string (almost simultaniously), move your th up and forward (brent stole for dummies on youtube taught me that). You will have to move your hand up/forward different distances to see what works for yourself. Always go past the yoyo though.

One last note: when you see the formation of a u with a line across the top (like a circle cut in half), you have the right formation. Then it is all timing and bounce height.

Hope this helps. If there is anything else, don’t hesitate to ask.

Good luck.


No offense to anyone else’s tutorials, but this video that Chris put together should be the only video referenced for this trick IMO.  I worked on this for awhile, then just stopped for a few years.  Got around to watching this one and now it’s no problem at all to get brent stole.

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Same story here. This tutorial was the key for me

Move your throwhand forward near the end of the whip.

I’ve always said this; understanding how whip tricks work and what’s going on with the string during the trick is very important in learning these fast whip tricks. This is a great tutorial because it actually shows what’s supposed to be going on with the string when you attempt the trick.

All it is after that is just getting comfortable with the motion.

I’ll be honest, I have a way that I do that trick, no clue if it’s correct…