Falling back in love...

I remember the day my DM1 came in the mail. Was taking the family to get some pet supplies at a store in Plaistow NH called State Line Pet Supply. I had to stay out in the car with my still new baby boy Eli cause he was taking a nap in his car seat. The rest of the family went in the store. Tore open the packaging and whipped out that green YoyoJam box. Let me tell ya I was glad they took a half hour in the store! It’s been almost two years since that wonderful day and I have moved onto other throws, as we all do. Well the past week or so I have been carrying around my very beat up black DM1 and let me tell you I didn’t realize how much I missed it. That new exciting feeling I got on the first shiny un-scuffed throw I still get now. It really is falling in love all over again! As much as I do love all my throws in their own special ways, my first love is still the strongest. Worked out that way in life, too. I married my first love and she is the mother of all four of our kids!

Have you ever re-discovered your first “love on a string”?

i love the feeling of getting new yoyos in the mail,its just such an amazing
feeling.i remember getting my first dm in the mail.it was my first advanced yoyo
,and when i saw that box on my porch i was just losing my composer,jumping
around,and screaming “its here! its here!”.

I picked up a DM1 a while back, too. It’s my main pocket throw.

I should get another Pocket Change and see what happens.

My Auldey Grey Fox. It can’t compare with the other guys in terms of performance but when I throw the beaten up yo-yo, it brings back memories.

Sadly, no. I’ve been trying to rekindle the attitude I had toward yoyoing in the past, but it’s just impossible for me. Thinking back to what yoyoing was to me is amazing, but I can’t recreate that experience. There’s no longer this drive or passion to yoyo for me, and I hate it. I’ve been trying to do all I can to increase my interest, but it really just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

Go to the nearest dollar store and buy a junkie POS yo-yo. Any old nasty thing that you wouldn’t give to a dog as a chew toy. Play with that, make it work. Use your talent to really take what most kids throw away after five minutes and make it sing. See if that helps. I know what drove me in the early days and still to this day is that sense of accomplishment of getting a new trick. Maybe you are too good, and you really need a challenge like a nasty hunk of junk on a string. Maybe go to a hospital and put on a free show for some sick kids? Find your fire, man! I hate to see talent go to waste, right? Maybe take a year off then come back? Dont say goodbye! Say “see ya later”!


For me lately its just been the Protostar…I got one a year ago at MWR, and threw it for a while, loved it, and then I got some other yoyos (metals, cant remember, traded them probably haha)

I got a protostar bout 3 days ago. I’m falling in love with it again, never will I throw anything else again.