Fake Throws

There is a fake Diptych and Triptych though, so I doubt that is the case.

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I see, couldn’t find anything on it just now, I’ll ask the guy and see what he says, just be sure.


Looks extremely similar to the Diptych though so it’s possible they just used a different name for the fake. As far as I’m aware there is no A-RT yoyo called the Chassis.

There are a few differences in the hub between the Diptych and this yoyo though. I think they just made their own version of the Diptych and tried to pass it off as an A-RT so it would sell better. The people in China wouldn’t know any better.

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It’s pretty common for fake/bootleg products (yo-yos or not) to not to be exactly like the original.


I meant their fake diptych. It wouldn’t make much sense for them to sell a fake diptych and sell another yoyo that is another fake diptych under a different name, the other product wouldn’t sell since people can just buy the fake diptych.

Thus, it’s either a copy of another yoyo or prototype from A-RT or they’re just trying to sell their own diptych inspired yoyo.


It’s not an A-RT proto lol. The Diptych/Triptych series is manufactured by One Drop for A-RT so if it were a leaked proto the CAD would have to have been leaked by either of them, neither of which I see happening.

I’m pretty adamant the “Chassis” is a fake Diptych until I hear otherwise from the source. The Chassis and Fake-tych are not necessarily made or designed by the same people. And even if they are, bootlegs don’t have to make sense. Look at all the misspelled bootleg Adidas clothing for example.

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This is what he said: (full convo)

Canvas came first, then Chassis, then Jensen Kimmit founded A-RT. Chassis was sort of like a transition before JK founded his company, and i don’t think it was ever released for sale.

He took the reference from a photo that was posted on JK’s instagram (but now it’s no where to be found… I can’t even find his account =_=#) So I can’t say for sure, it could just be something JK made for himself personally or it’s a prototype.

Best way to confirm this is with Jensen, but I have no idea how XD


Interesting! Now that it was brought up I do remember that photo, it got posted in the “Show off your A-RT” thread awhile back. I guess the Chassis never made it to production so the only way to play one would be to become really good friends with A-RT and try a proto of one if they still had it, or buy one of the knock offs. I’ll have dig up that post and add it here.

I don’t think Jensen has a personal Instagram, but his art (not a-rt) IG is @payblopicasso ; he also occasionally posts under the @a.returntops IG as well.