Fake Throws

Yeah they got the weight on the Sleipnir pretty accurate, but for some reason the fake one played slightly heavier than the real one.


Weight distribution! The fake one has a different weight distribution, maybe more weight on the rims, which is why it feels heavier. It’s normally very difficult to get the weight distribution exactly right which is how even the closest of fakes can be distinguished from the original just by playing with it.


$22-44 for grail noice… lol

Have you been able to compare the fakenir to the real thing? Did they get anywhere close?

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I don’t own one, but so far from reviews they say that the fakenir is an average throw, not as good as the Draupnir, but not bad as well. The main issue is that the gap width seems to off, so it does snag a little during play. Also same weight distrubution issue as @Hanker mentioned, most fakes just plays either heavier or lighter, and most reviews have mentioned the fakenir plays heavier on the strings.


This one just sold on the Japanese Shopping site for 4000 yen ($37 USD). Was listed as " Chinese yo yo" with no other description, but it does look rather familiar :thinking:

However those pads are protruding a little bit, and that is not a DS bearing. Also on the original the blue is a lighter shade.


The original triptych definitly has a lighter blue on the rims. Thanks for posting this!


A-RTxUnprld Sucction, YYR Stargazer V2, C3 Radius, TP Chameleon and a Mustang comparison post are added.

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