Oh My Gracious! New Yoyos for Trade!?

Hey All,

Here are some throws that I’m putting up for trade. Hit me up. Nothing is for sale, except maybe the Lio if you have a crazy offer

If your offer isn’t exactly what I’m lookin for, I probably won’t respond.

YoyoFactory Dv888: Gone

ILYY Pre-Production Liopleurodon:
Wonderful Yo-Yo. Really don’t wanna get rid of this. I just don’t throw it enough. Won this off of SBL.


As for damage, it has one tiny little nick, on each half, and they each look pretty much the same:


Duncan Equals Love Pink with Red Caps Freehand Zero (Sili Recessed):
Fun Throw. Used to be owned by Tyler Severance, and Bergy. Pretty hard to find. The Silicone Recess is REALLY nice.


The body of the yoyo itself if mint, but, there is a crack in one cap:


Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works Large Bearing Sea Foam Bassalope: GONE

One Drop Design Original Project ( This is my Brother’s yoyo)
Great playing yoyo. Manly Pink. Comes with sili pads installed.


Damage: There are a series of thin scratches on one side of the yoyo. The other side it mint. Here’s what the scratches look like:


One Drop Y Factor ( This is my Brother’s yoyo)

This is an amazing throw. Has the new bearing post system (NOT SIDE EFFECTS). This is the pewter Y Factor, so, they aren’t making the YF in this color anymore, and its rare. Get on it!


Its mint in the box.


YYF 2010 Severe (Un-Capped)
Werrd Split Decision
3yo3 Bassline
Werrd Pacquiao
Werrd Minute
YYJ Equinox
BBYY Juvenile Offender
YYJ Phenom
YYF North Star


Offer up, peace