Fairly new looking for advice

(Robert) #1

So I have Ben throwing for a bit and looking to expand tricks any suggestions on what trick to move on to I would like to learn how to finger spin but do not have the proper yo-yo to do so


okay so, first of all if you want to learn how to fingerspin you do not need a yoyo specifically designed for fingerspins to learn how to finger spin. However they do it makes it easier for making your finger land in the cup, but it is not necessary. In fact i didn’t learn how to fingerspin with a fingerspin yoyo, Mainly because when I was learning them those types of yoyos weren’t around. The only thing though is that it makes learning how to fingerspin slightly harder because you have to bring the yoyo back to your hand a little bit more sooner than with a yoyo that was designed for fingerspins. In all seriousness if you want to go learn how to fingerspin go do that. However, if you want trick suggestions on what to learn next, it would be nice to know what tricks you can already do with your yoyo.

(Robert) #3

Most of the basic tricks trapeze trapeze and his brother double or nothing skin the gerbil brain Twisters split the atom green triangle ninja vanish finger grinds and thumb grinds Houdini mount and the Kamikaze mount I am very bad at the one-and-a-half mount I think I’m missing a couple but most of the basic stuff

(André Boulay) #4

What YoYos are you currently throwing? What’s your favorite throw?

What are the tricks you currently like doing or last learned?

(Mk1 Yoyos) #5

If you need something to practice from 1.5 mount, Buddah’s Revenge is a good one to start with. It’s also a good idea to learn Double or Nothing and one of the tricks that use it, like roller coaster or matrix.

(Robert) #6

Ducc showgirl katana photon I really don’t have a favorite right now working on The Matrix

(Robert) #7

I can’t land 1.5 mount have to pause after I get it around my non throw hand to swing it around 1.5 mount have a problem with the flow


okay so since it sounds like your struggling a little bit with a one and a half mount maybe you could try to learn Buddhas revenge! and then maybe after that, mrmatios turbo repeater since you already know how to do the kamikaze mount, here’s a tutorial for that!

you could also learn gyroscopic flop which is a pretty cool trick as well which starts in a trapeze. Or, if you want to challenge yourself you could try some basic slack tricks like slack trapeze, and brother’s slack which here’s a tutorial for that here:

anyways have fun learning!

(Mk1 Yoyos) #9

My 1.5 mount was the same way for a long time. It takes some practice - having a trick to work on from that mount is a good incentive to become better at getting into the mount, so you have enough speed left to go through the trick. I usually try to have a couple tricks I’m working on at the same time, too, so I don’t get bored with just one mount. You’ll get there, it’ll just take some work!

(André Boulay) #10

Can you post a video of you working on the 1.5 mount? Might be able to help if we can see it, etc.
(One thing that helps is when you throw a breakaway - make sure you are throwing ‘out and away’ from your body - the larger you make the swinging motion the more time you get before it hits the string and therefore keeps it more fluent of a motion as you swing and land into the 1.5 mount, etc).

As @abby1371 mentioned Buddha’s Revenge would be a good one!