Factory 23 - Girl Power - By Selomono

Hi im 14 years old an im girl yoyo player. i recorded a video.

Hope you like it ! :slight_smile:

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I dig it! ;D

Howl long you yoyoing? I’m just only 3 mont’s and I’m girl too :D. Congratz to FIBA :DD.


Great Video! Keep up the good work!

im playing for 2 years.

i joint 3 contest

summer yoyo contest = 4th (2008)
turkey yoyo contest elemination 1st (2009)
Lotus yoyo contest 1st (2010)

very awesome. keep it up

Thank you :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

much props!!!

Whats that song im digging it

im likin it. but my only criticism is to not hesitate in between tricks. but still a great video ;D

yah… seeet ;D

you can download this song from soundcloud.com


thank you again :slight_smile:

When I saw this video… I feel down to myself…
Because this GIRL is better than me!..

Awesome video by the way…
And Nice Shoes!!!

you can do that (lacing.)

Look at fieggen.com for shoe lacing methods.

im trying to find new tricks with z-stacks and hubstacks. :slight_smile:

i will made another video for z-stacks.

hye, not bad at all!! one thing i would add, though, is that you need a trick or two designed with speed in mind, to vary the tempo a little. But GREAT job!

All I have to say is try not to film mistakes. If you screw up, re-film the trick. It adds to the entire video and makes you look better as a yoyoer

thank you for advices

Thats was AWESOME!!! :smiley:

You have a great style. Your tricks weren’t the smoothest but, that can be worked out. I think you are using a ILLY Void?

I knew that was jensen from the start :smiley: he has a voice like no other.

yes im using ILYY Void.