FAAF-fixed axles are fun


I realized that I haven’t touched a fixed axle yoyo until like last week.

Hi there, I’m Ryo, I guess I’m kinda new on the forums here, and I don’t really have a reason for posting this. Just my thoughts on fixed axles. I’ve been yo-yoing for 7 months, and my first throw was a transaxle, and then I got into ball bearing throws. Never touched a fixed axle yoyo. Ever. Never even bothered to try playing with one until last week, when I bought the last blue Duncan butterfly at my local toy store while I getting my Deltaco fix with my friends. Anyway let’s get straight to the point here.

When I arrived at home, I opened the package. Played around a little bit, changed the string, and dangggggg it was pretty, pretty fun. Did some around the world, gravity sleeping, and some attempted boing-e-boings. But dang it was really, really fun. I don’t know how to really explain it.

Like, I feel like a small kid again. And it feels more…free? I guess? I don’t know, but playing with a responsive fixed axle feels more free than playing with a transaxle or a ball bearing. It has that fixed axle feeling. Even doing a double or nothing is a thrill, it gives me like a sense of accomplishment that I never felt recently. It feels like that one time when I finally landed my first trapeze. Except that feeling repeats everytime. Like if I go through one round of the matrix with the yoyo still spinning, I go YESSSSS. And once again, “creating” my own tricks was really fun. Like throwing under the leg and then just doing one around the world attempt and stuff. Fixed axles just squeeze out more fun per trick. It gives a greater feeling of satisfying accomplishment.

Anyway, sorry for sounding like an addict, it’s like 2:00 am while i’m writing this, but anyway BOOM TO THE POINT: Fixed axles are really fun. In a world where new players start by playing with the ONE or a Lyn Fury (which are very nice throws btw), I highly encourage us new players to also try out fixed axles too. Doesn’t have to be now, you can pick it up later like me. I just want new/ishpeople to try them.

Anyway thank you very much for reading this! I will edit this post later today to make it sound better haha.


Not just for newbies. I still gotta get my FAF (fixed axle fix) every so often. It truly is liberating. From imperials and butterflys to no jives and tmbrs they all take you back to what yoyoing is originally about.




I think we all should have a few items in our collection:

Duncan Butterfly
Wood fixed axle.

Keep it real with those reminders of where thing started.