What style of play do you have the most fun with?


I’m learning 1a now and it is fun but I’m thinking my next style will be 5a. The players look like they are using nun-chucks with some of the tricks, very cool!


I like 1a, 1a with zstacks, and fixed axel mainly. Sometimes 4a and 2a are fun but I’m really bad at both of those :wink:


Why a fixed axle? Wouldn’t it be harder to remove knots or tangles that occur near the axle? How does a fixed axle play differently than a yo-yo that can be unscrewed? Are those just used for responsive play?


Some of them can be taken apart but they don’t have bearings. It is purely responsive when you play them. Look up ed haponick (so sorry if that’s spelled wrong), he is really good at it!


Wouldn’t a responsive yoyo limit you to the basic tricks?


There are tons of different tricks you can do with fixed axels that are a lot of fun! It’s like comparing 1a and 4a, there are similarities of course but they are very different.


I also find myself playing fixed axle a lot these days. Also, the yoyo I’m playing the most, the Legend Wing, isn’t a take apart. It is a pain when you get an axle knot, but for me at least, it doesn’t happen very often with that style.




Fixed Axle and responsive 1A are my favorites

(ed) #10

I literally can’t even.

(Jokes aside, you can go way outside the box with just about any yo-yo. As is true for much of life, the only limits are your assumptions.)


You’d think that, but it really isn’t the case. If you can see the tricks that people (Ed) have come up with for fixed axel, your head will explode. It is waaaaaaaaay more difficult than 1A but sooooooo much fun. I’d liken the difficulty to learning 2A.


My bad, now I know better.


You forgot this in your original statement: “and sooooooo much more frustrating, yet still sooooooo much fun.” ;D


And they have some really cool designs! :wink:


As of right now the style I am having the most fun with is 2a. I love seeing people’s reactions when I switch from playing with 1 yo-yo to 2 yo-yo’s since they ask immediately if I am a ninja or something. Watching videos of Shinji Saito and Shu Takada gives me tons of inspiration to continue practicing.


Playing some slow and flowy 1A, fixed axle as well and would love to learn 5A (still feeling awkward with the release though).


No worries, we are all friends on this crazy yoyo journey. If you don’t ask, you will never know. I find the fixed axle really challenges me when I think I know a trick, similar to how a responsive bearing yoyo would. If you aren’t smooth, likely you will get your knuckles rapped by the yoyo. I like the stalls, regens, changing planes…along with the (likely ridiculous) link I feel to the original yoyo players who made all this stuff up in the first place. My mind tends to go into weird, funky places when I’m throwing fixed, most of the time it ends up in a scary knot or with a knuckle rap. Every now and again, it ends up with “that was cool, I wish I had a video so I can remember it.”

Fun, definitely. Frustrating, definitely.


I’m fine with the release, but struggling on the catch