Fixed Axle

I received a wooden fixed axle yoyo in a trade and became interested in fixed axle play. I’m looking for recommendations of good fixed axle yoyo’s I should look into as a beginner that may be better what I currently own. I really have zero idea what goes on in the fixed axle realm, all help is appreciated.

Also wondering about metal vs wooden axles and different response systems.

Don’t forget to look up the Fixed Axle February video contest. Lots of prizes to be won and no yoyo skill required.

That’s actually what got me interested I just wanna make sure I have a good set up for it :slight_smile:

You could enter the contest with a Butterfly :slight_smile:

Just be entertaining or inspiring or artistic, etc. So many cool sponsors stepping up. People who don’t enter may come to regret missing out.

Edit: I’m sorry. I totally derailed your post. Look for a thread titled Wood Is Good. Lots of helpful guys in there.

That’s alright and thanks I will!

What response system and what type of axle is in it? (Wood,metal)

Hey that used to be my fixed axel! I traded it to Bcmaddog. Is that who you got it from?

That’s exactly who I got it from lol wanna tell me about it? Compared to some of the other wooden throws?

And it’s got a wooden axle.

Lol sadly the guy I got it from, I think his name was Promaster, never really told me, or at least he didn’t know.

He called it an african black devil wood yoyo, and it was a deal sweetener, so I was like “Sure I’ll take it lol”

That was the only fixed axel I ever had, so I wouldn’t really be able to compare it with anything, sorry.

Lol I’m in the same boat.

Except mine was the biggest part of the trade.