F.A.S.T. Offstring Questions

lols I ordered a fast offstring for like $8, and i thought it was a pretty good price. I’m just starting to learn offstring, and i bought it since it was at such a good price (I think). It will probably be here in abt 74½ 1 week.

So, i was wondering,

  1. Are the wings all made of plastic? Is the offstring wing made of rubber? Are they durable so i can drop it alot since im starting to learn offstring?

  2. Is it easy to change the wings? Will the thing holding them together break apart and explode easily?

  3. Is gap friction a good response? As in it doesn’t kill sleep times and still binds back easily? Or does it reduce the sleep times and not come back when you bind it?

  4. Does it spin long with a good throw?


um why are there no responses? Bump for hope.

I don’t have a FAST, but since you seem to need a answer, I’ll try my best. To me, it seems like a all plastic yoyo. The gap response is a bit tricky I think, and not really reliable according to what I know. And it doesn’t look like it spins long, though you can mod it. See here http://yoyowiki.org/wiki/YoYoFactory_F.A.S.T._201

Sorry I can’t help you more, but maybe this will have others reply? (SAMAD!!!) (DRYOYO!!!)

Personally I have a Duncan Flying Panda, and it works great for offstring. You can also consider the aquarius, or big yo. they all have rubber at the edges. For my panda, I can get a one minute sleeper off it.

well… thanks for trying. But its the wrong yo your looking at lols XD But thanks :slight_smile:

Well, it looks like you still haven’t got the answer you are looking for, so let me see if I can help you any.

  1. The wings (both sets) are made up of a very durable plastic that gives you a nice, solid bounce for any misses.

  2. Yes - it is very easy to change the shells. No, it won’t “explode”, it is very strong. Here is an animation showing how easy it can be:


  1. Gap response is great, since it has a small gap. Spin times are great and it will bind very smoothly. Gap response is great for off-string yo-yos. (The YoYoJam Aquarius is another example of this.)

  2. Yes - with a solid throw, you will get great spin times.

I hope this helps!

Sorry about my message… it seemed to be flawed. But the reviews aren’t!!!

Thanks mitchell and batryn for trying to help :slight_smile:

Anything for a fellow yo-yoer!

Same, although trying really applies to me… I didn’t really have any idea… :’( it was just what I heard.

And you were referring to a different yo-yo, but you’re right. At least you tried! :smiley:

I was??? Oops… really sorry there…

I’ve got one, I like it. Well, I like it in OS formation.

The rims are a hard rubber and its a nice yoyo but the set-up can fly apart when dropped a few times.

I didnt like this as I lost a piece and never found it.

Its pretty easy to put back together but I prefer to keep my yoyos in one piece.

The response plays very nicely actually.

It is wide enough to have good spin times, but small enough for nice tight binds.
Careful on regens though, the gaps width is a bit thin so it can snag on regens.

All in all, its an ok yoyo, I still prefer bigyos though.

Hope you enjoy it!

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I was waiting for somebody to ask this question,if its rubber or not.

It has a set of rubber rims that you actually attach to the plastic yoyo itself if I am not mistaken.

Yup, find my review. Its here somewhere. They are rubber, but they look like plastic because sometimes the shells are translucent.