Does the Offstring YoYo only do offstring tricks or can it be used normally?

I need to know because i ordered 1 and i just want to make sure because im realy good at sleepers but someone please tell me does the offstring yoyo just for offstring trix or can it do onstring tricks? if yes, please reply!

Not ussually,which yoyo did you buy,some can be used for offstring.

Hehehe, I try my Aquarius make it as a 1A, it spins long also. but it’s not recommended IMO, i don’t feel it when it is in 1A play style, i have more fun playing it in offstring.



Fast offstrings are good for 4a, but their gaps are really small. You can use it for 1a, but its not that good, because it snags easily due to its tight gap.

So to answer your question, yes. It can, but it wont sleep long, and is very responsive.

GM User, I have bought Yoyo Factory’s Yoyo just called the offstring in the black wings color.

You can techinically use any yoyo for any play style. Would it work to use like an Aquarius or Hyabusa or something like that made for 4a for 1a? Yes, it would work. Well? Probably not. I actually just use my Spinfaktor HG for some of my 1a play, almost all my 4a play, and almost all my 5a play. Since you already ordered it have fun with whatever yoyo you got but for anybody else considering getting a 4a or 5a yoyo I would actually recommend using something you have or if you get a new one, get one you can use for multiple styles. If you begin to get good at a style (past the basics i guess) then look at getting a better yoyo for that style.

you know you can take off the rubber things on the fast offstring right

Even if you do, you have to put on the normal sized ones. But the gap will still be tight, and it won’t be unresponsive. It will be very responsive no matter what.

As rdmod said, F.A.S.T. offstring can be used for 1a play,but it isnt the best yoyo due to its snagging problems,just use it for OS.

All offstrings can be.

i have a FAST offstring and i can tell what everyone is saying is absolutely correct. it’ a good durable yoyo to begin learning offstring on but when used for 1a it’s only capable of some pretty basic tricks. i suppose if there was a way to shim it you might get better sleep times but it’s so light without the big wings that it wont sleep for long anyway. don’t despair though–it’s a fun quality yoyo and i’m sure you’ll like it.

I don’t think so, to tight of a gap

Yes you can… Yes, its weird, its realy responsive and snaggy… and yes it is SOOO much fun… I had an Aquarius and did tons of 1A with it…  Boingie-Boing looks soo cool on a bigger yoyo

Tommy Gun plays 1A with a bigyo in this vid…