Fast Offstring Review

A few hours ago, i received my fast offstring. F.A.S.T. Stands for Fully Adjustable Shape Technology. The cool thing about this yoyo, is that if you dissassemble a hub or something, you can switch the shape of the yoyo from an oversized offstring shape, to a butterfly shape yoyo.

Cons: There are several bad things about this yoyo. It snags alot, because of small bearing and very tight gap. The hubs cant be tightened fully. If you screw the hubs in too little, the shells will be spinning while you play. If you go to the max, the shells will still vibrate. So, it cant be fully tightened. The other con is that the offstring shell is made of translucent rubber. When you see it from the box, it looks like plastic. I also thought it was plastic, and YoYoExpert’s review said it was plastic as well! But its rubber!

    So, if you drop it, the dirt from the floor sticks to it, and you cant just rub it off like it was plastic, because rubber is sticky! So be wary about playing on dirty floor. Also, if it is rolling and bumps into something metal or hard, part of it can just be simply scraped off. So, within like 2 hours, my fast offstring looked like my 2 month old dark magic.

First impression: Okay, so when i first got it, it was in a nice box! The box said the shells were made of rubber, i thought they werent. When you feel it, you will still think its plastic, until it hits something, you will know its rubber, because parts of it just scrapes off. Okay, so i tried 4a, and it was really easy to catch. The only times i missed catches were when there were knots and i was trying to break them, and when my finger’s burnt.

4a playability: They own at 4a! It is soo big. (Gallery soon). Its easy to whip, easy to catch, but gets stuck on the string alot! It gets knots very easily because of the small gap and super small bearing.
Room for improvement: Use bigger bearings.

1a playability: It sucks at 1a. It snags alot, it is responsive, and it is very easy to get knots because of the small gap. The 1a butterfly shells don’t help at all.

Overall: It is a good 4a yoyo, but dont bother using it for anything else. The gap friction response aint good for anything except 4a, its size isnt good for anything except 4a, the mini butterfly shells are good for nothing except 4a, and the yoyo is good for nothing except 4a. But it looks cool, and i think it will be my favourite 4a yoyo for a while, despite the many cons! Maybe thats because i don’t have much money.

Gallery will come soon.

Sweet review!

The offstring comes with a spare set of spacers, use BOTH the wider spacers I feel the gap becomes too wide. 1 stock, 1 wide is perfect for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for doing a review!

Mine didnt come with spacers :o

Good Review, mine come whit a broken bearing :-, also its very fragile and dissasemble always when it hit the floor, I dont recommend it :(.

I actually do not like the Offstring. As you said it snags alot and I’m always getting knots. Thats why I sold mine to get a BigYo 2. This is kinda off topic but If you ever have enough money to get a BigYo 2 get it. The best 4a yoyo I’ve ever tried. Doesn’t snag at all for me, and sleeps forever for a 4a yoyo.

Very informative.