What is the best string for offstring?


I have just started offstring and my string catches a lot then I haave to take my yoyo apart to get it off. Is there a type of string that wont catch or is there something I could do to keep it from catching?


I use regular Kitty String. I find that for the first half hour the string needs to break in a bit. Once it smooths out it runs through the yoyo much better.


Any type of string works for offstring… Just make sure it is not a thick type. The yoyo may snag then…


Unless your using a protostar, then you need thick.


The thing is. You’re not supposed to use protostars for 4a.




Too small and if a solid heavy plastic yoyo hits you chances are you’ll be seeing everything purple, and wake up in the hospital


They were meant for 1a 3a or 5a.

You might damage it if you use it for 4a.


Most people just use regular polyester string. (like the string bought here in bulk packs of 100)
mostly yellow or white.

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Although I’m not into 4A, I’ve been told Type 1 is the best out of the YoYoStringLab strings for 4A compared to the other types. I don’t know how it compares to basic poly though. PM if you are willing to receive a free sample, test and report back.


How do I PM?

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Click my name and on my profile screen at the bottom click the link to send me a personal message and send me the U.S. address where you want it sent to.


What yoyo are you using?

I’m finding stuff of the regular type 6 thickness to be best for me in my yoyos. For some reason if I use something thicker, I get lots of snags, some of which are hard to come out. It’s almost like the yoyo did a flip. I know some of this was due to me being sloppy on my binds though. Either way, I prefer Type 6 100% polyester strings. Typically, YYE bulk strings work just fine for me.

I also find on some A-bearing off-strings, the gap is really narrow and may need different spacers or other adjustments to widen the gap a tiny bit UNLESS I am using standard type 6 thickness string.


I sent it (I think) did you get it,… If not send me a message and ill reply

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Got it. See reply.


I think I sent three


Thanks I use the yoyojam go big.


In that case, I can relate. I have the Go Bigl. I find YYE 100% poly works just fine for me.


Ok great thanks :slight_smile:


MattB was correct he sent me samples and by far I liked them best for off string

The string was slightly thicker that normal so it helped with one hand binds and Ben Condé’s crazy regenerations the whip opened up wider (the nylon strings I use close up very sensitive tension) best of all the string was soft, fast flowing in your hand and had some impressive speed while whipping really recommend the type 1 its awesome!!!