Experiment Results

A couple days ago, I decided to run an experiment to see if the matching colors of the yoyo/string had an effect on how much the user appreciated the yoyo. I was only able to perform this on myself.
These are the results:

String color: Yoyo color: Appreciation:
Yellow Purple Low, knotted and dinged it 3 times
Green Purple Very low, knotted once and ripped it off
Orange Purple Good, matched the speckles and had good contrast.
White Purple High, Looked AMAZING with the Purple.

Please enter your info in the same format if you wish to contribute. Hope this helps someone in the future.

I got an invisible string and put it on an invisible yoyo.

Results: I hit myself 3 times.

The rig played with blinding speed.

But I dont See I as my favorite setup.

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:- interesting…

Er… I hope your experiments in Science class are more scientific than this.

What even is this

my thoughts exactly. ???

Your hypothesis in your experiment are somewhat limited, you should re-do the experiment with moar yoyos and moar string colors and also moar different brands. But in my limited scientifical beliefs, I conclude that there is a pretty big possibility that you simply like white strings in purple yoyos which then ultimately biased the outcome of the experiment.

Orange/black acid wash bimetal yoyo, invisible string…results: yoyo went flying into the wall.

In all seriousness I just use bright yellow string on any of my throws, don’t think much of color cordination or how it affects performance (which it doesn’t other than visibility).