Does color of string change play visually?

I don’t know if I’m the first to point this out or the only one who sees this but I think the color of string effects how people see your tricks. Like if you did the same trick but with different colors… It looks different in play. I dunno… It’s just me. :stuck_out_tongue:

For example : yellow string = more technical looking play.
: green string = more slacky looking play.
: orange string = more speedy play
: white string = more classic looking play.

This may sound silly and it’s probably just me but what are your thoughts on this???

The color of your string is not going to affect the physical movement or formation of the trick.

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New article from Buzzfeed : What your string colour says about you.

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I don’t mean that it changes how you play, just how you would see the trick visually.

It’s official. I am now switching to neon orange strings :smiley:

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I watch the yoyo and the hands, not the string.

You must hate a lot of American yoyoers cuz a lot of them play with the string more then the yoyo ::slight_smile:

Dude I totally agree, though it doesn’t change how you play it totally sets the mood

You must be pretty confuzzled when you see Janos playing…

I think the colour of the clothing you are wearing behind the string is far more important. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve started watching a video or freestyle and it just looks like the yoyo is floating about as if by magic.

Black gloves seem to make play look a little bit more technical simply because you can see more of the string that’s wrapped around the fingers and hands, but to me the colour of the string really doesn’t make much a difference besides the neon colours being more visible in general.

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what if Shinya Kido decided to switch to neon orange strings :o

Omagad, floating yoyo!

I guess I agree with the OP, except I don’t generally differentiate between green and yellow string.

I can kind of relate to what you are saying and yes I think the color of the string plays a small part on how you see the tricks, but not that much although using a bright color definitely brings out tricks more.

I know he’s not American, but I felt the same way about Janos karancz for a while. I could tell that he was very very skilled when I first saw his videos, but it never seemed like the yoyo was as active on the string as it did with other players. Then i saw a video of him on innmovement, shot up close in HD (I’ll put in the link, definitely check it out). This was the first high quality camera video if him I saw, everything else had been lower quality competition footage. Anyways, I had a change of opinion after I saw this:

imo green or yellow string against a slightly dark background looks fastest, and white string under a spotlight slowest.

I agree when the person is wearing a dark shrt the strind pops way more and it totally changes the way I see the trick.