Experienced beginner?

Hi! I’ve started yoyoing after 5 years of break. Before break I used to invent my own tricks with some successful ones. Now I try to learn some more advanced tricks from YouTube, and I am doing pretty well, but not really. I feel I’m lacking something from the past that keeps me from doing all new trick with flow and landing them most of the times. And as technical part of learning a trick isn’t a problem, the fluency is much more affected instead of hard practice of the trick. I am thinking about going over all the tricks from yoyoexpert learning site to practice basics but I don’t know if you think that will do any good…

I think learning the tricks from YYE would be a good place to start, it’ll help refresh your memory and hopefully that’ll help. To me, making tricks smooth requires practice and I believe that anyone can do any hard trick with ease if they practice well enough.

“No loss, no gain” :blush: