excalibur yoyo tricks

Just wondering how many people can do horizontal or excalubur style tricks

what exactly is an excalibur trick? i know horizontal but not excalibur

it’s the same ;D

ohhh. well i can do a little bit. its just kind hard to come up with combos for that beacause you cant really used slacks or whips for horizontal tricks :confused:

you suck at excal.

don’t be a jerk

you can definitely do slack and whip tricks sideways, just get creative. getting sideways yourself also helps you see things on a more even level

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horizontal is just amazingly hard (imho) ive messed around and managed to do 2 reps of yukki slack :slight_smile:

it’s really hard to do. I’m working on a couple tricks, but not really getting much accomplished. lol
Kota Watanabe does some pretty cool stuff though.

I’ve been practicing excalibur myself. Skin the gerbil is the best practice I’ve found. Do it over and over again until you can do it blindfolded.

rethinkyoyo has two excalibur style tricks now. theyre some of the newer tutorials.
The biggest problem i have is binding. for some reason my binds slip all the time and tangles around the yoyo and i get a super snag.

It could he your response or Yoyo. I cannot bind excalibur tricks with my Epic or with my DV888… maybe I just suck…

i used to have such a hard time just to bind and throw horizontal but really the very best thing to do is practice. throw a normal breakaway and then the next time do it just a little bit crooked, then just a little bit more and more and before you know it when you threw it all those times and binded you can now do horizontal style, or excalubur as you call it. i didnt have high speed internet a while ago so finding videos other than yoyoexpet was asmost imposible so thats the way i taught myself and i guess it worked ok, i can do them now at least

I’m using a phenomizm which is supposed to be great at horizontal. So maybe i just suck ::slight_smile:

I have a lot of sucess with my SuperG and marmot.

I personally will never get over Takeshi Matsuura’s sideways excalibur. I want to be able to do this but can’t even do it in 1a. :stuck_out_tongue: