I see people like jensen and suzuki playing excalibur (horizontal) style, but are there any tuts on how to play horizontal style, or am I supposed to make it up?

Horizontal play is basically doing normal tricks with a sideways throw. The thing that discourages most people is the fact that, if you aren’t going at a fast and constant speed, the yoyo will wipe out.

By the way, excalibur is a diabolo term that many yoyoers don’t use. Generally, people refer to it as horizontal play.

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Yes, Exactly what Xyjiryo said. Same as standard play, but you cannot stop swinging it. Start with skin the Gerbil and such, then on to other types of tricks.

Also on the name, I usually refer to it as Vertax(Vertical axis) which is also used in reference to diabolos I believe. It’s shorter than horizontal play, which is why I use it, but I nearly never talk about it to anyone. Chances are it won’t be used very often in reference to yoyos.

Basically, the easiest way to approach excalibur style is to make it up.
what I did to first started learning it was just get into a trapeze, and spin in circles while maneuvering through different mounts and such.

I say excalibur because I heard it on SBL

Oh yeah, that is a good way, before I could do anything such as skin the gerbil, I would just go between a trapeze and an undermount.

Also possibly try a shorter string such as a string around the length from a hanging arm to the ground or so. Not sure if it actually helps too much other than making it easier to keep at a speed.

And generally whenever I see someone do hardcore Vertax they are using a quite stable yoyo, such as YYR or something, Meaning I wouldn’t do Excalibur on my Dingo and that type of thing. Luckily most yoyos with a width of around 40(Maybe 36) mm usually look stable enough for this.

I usually use a smaller throw with the same amount of string.

Any yoyo really I guess, just depends on what I’m using that day.

I’m just now learning it myself. I’m starting to get the hang of it by just by doing trapeze to trapeze and bro… rinse and repeat.

I think it’s both, mainly you just do normal tricks, but you might have to modify them to cope with the… sidewaysness… Personally, i hate excalibur. It just sucks all the fun out of yoyoing for me.

Yes, vertax and excalibur are both diabolo-based words. The most popular use of them is with the trick known as Vertax/Excalibur Genocide, where you go into an excalibur with the diabolo, fling it into the air, swing the other stick around in one hand, and whip the diabolo before it hits the ground, while recatching the other stick.

i dont get how you throw it or jump over it and what no someone plz make tut for it btw i am right handed >:D


My problemm is the yoyo stabalizes itself after a few movements

Just hold the yoyo sideways, and throw a breakaway. Yeah, just do really fast regular 1A tricks. Like Skin the Gerbil, or do a quadruple on trapeze and repeat that, and some other stuff, basically, make some stuff up.


Just listen to what I told you, and try it.

True. Although I heard that it is easy when you finally understand exactly how to do it. (Kind of like Boingy-Boing.


Just try, that’s all there is to it, just practice, it’s HARD!!!

Another tip is to make the yoyo so that the yoyo is not quite perfectly horizontal but a little bit in between normal and horizontal. In this yoyo video James (The guy in the red shirt) did what I was explaining.