Just a quick note.

Hey guys, I have been seeing some confusion in trick terms, so I am going to try and clear some things up.

Frontstyle (frontside) consists of tricks thrown from a perpendicular throw or regular sleeper. An example of this would be braintwister.

Sidestyle (sideways style) consists of tricks from a parallel throw, also known as a breakaway. An example of this is a trapeze.

Excalibur (Horizontal) consists of tricks from a completely sideways throw. Basically, you are doing tricks of the same type of throw that you do to start a UFO. This term is NOT interchangeable with Sidestyle or sideways style, and if you are asking for new sidestyle tricks, you will not get the answers you’re looking for.


Thank you. I’ve really noticed people have been mixing that up too, and it’s getting confusing.

Don’t they also call Excalibur, vertex style?

Excalibur is actually a term taken from diaboloing, and I have seen people call it vertex, but most people call it excalibur. :slight_smile:

In diabolo, it is either called Vertax, (Vertical Axis) or Excalibur. Horizontal for yoyoing does not do it justice. I feel as though the yoyoing community should use one of the diabolo terms. I use vertax more often than not, but that is just me.