Horizontal is won't stay horizontal


I throw a horizontal throw almost completley horizontl, do skin the gerbil and by the end, it isno longer horizontal. What to do? ???

(UmeNagisa) #2

Lift up your right hand if you throw breakaway style. It makes it tilt towards horizontal in a sense.
If you throw Frontstyle,lower your right hand.


Make sure that the motion of Skin the Gerbil is on the same plane as your yoyo. If you throw horizontally and do the trick normally the yoyo will just correct itself until its vertical


That was it, when I did the first summersault I had my hand too high and my hands were not level which caused the yoyo to tip. Thanks


Also, keep the yoyo at eye level this helps you keep your hands from bringing it to a vertical position.


Pretty sure you’re talking about sideways, not horizontal


“Sideways” yoyoing and “Horizontal” yoyoing are synonymous.


I don’t know about that. When I refer to sideways i mean “not frontstyle.”

(UmeNagisa) #9

Not Front style is Side style. Sideways and Horizontal are synonyms
Front style and Side Style are Antonyms!


Horizontal is the side of the yoyo is parallel to the ground. It is also know as OUCH-MY-FACE-style. I looked it up though and you can do skin the gerbil horizontal.