Horizontal Help

So wen doing horizontal i can get the first half of skin the gerbil then my yoyo goes back like wen im playin vertical. Wat i mean is that its horizontal and slowly goes back like a normal throw till its completely back to straight up and down

what yoyo is it?

Is it responsive?

I would also play around with shorter strings if you usually use them longer than your belly button.
It may help you control the yo more.

other than that Practice… ;D

czyoyo :wink:

Well its a yoyo lol no but its a sasquatch and i am using short string

Gravity suks eh.
I would guess you need more momentum, Im not into horizontal, but I know what you mean just from trying a bit, you have to fight gravity with the momentum/swing of the yoyo.
It, the yo yo doesnt just stay up there right ? So you have to make it, keep practicing and you should be able to do more and more of STG.
Good luck.

practice :wink: