Any Good Yoyo Tutorials For Horizontal Combos?

Any Yoyo Tutorials For Horizontal Combos? (intermediate)


Its Lil Bit To Advanced For Me Cuz I Just Started Learning Horizontal (4 days ago), I was mainly into vertical but decided to go For Horizontal


Maybe @nightshadow can point you in the right direction.

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Arsh there are so many videos to start with simple stuff, the ones from yo tricks are an example or the one from Gentry, about the combos is pretty much what you can do vertical but horizontal, I will start with simple combos (if you are at the real beginning) like skin the gerbil and similar, than start to add elements like trapeze and his brother ecc ecc and then go and use creativity, sadly out there there are not many tutorials about more advanced combo in horizontal you have to kind of create yourself.

I post you here a video with a compilation of all the basics horizontal combos to start:

Some Gentry explanations (those helped me a lot honestly):

also this one from Brandon Vu:

Once you learn all the basic it’s time to create yourself :slight_smile:


Your post says u want intermediate tuts, the one I linked is intermediate, if u have just started learning zontals then just grind banana turnover/pinwheel to trapeze and bind. Start at 45 degrees and keep practicing it till u can consistently bind at like 90 degrees. Then u will have to learn zontal gerbil. U have a long way to go.