horizontal play... nah just combos

hi, so appearantly i need some new horizontal yoyo tricks/combos, or if no some regular combos, lol i just need some good combos. thanks

Well since you already know some then I do not know what to recommend I just got into horizontal play and the combo I like to do most is just skin the gerbil

Considering how you don’t have any combos of your own, my technical horizontal might be too much for you. You should just link together a bunch of skin the gerbil variations.

actually i do, i just don’t have many

When I started horizontal, things off of a 1 and a half mount were pretty easy. Just try different things and practice

Just don’t do Kwijibo horizontal if you care for your face and teeth.

yuuki slack,brent stole,finger grind bind, gyros, buddha revenge all horizontal tricks i can do