Horizontal tips?

I want to up my game on my horizontal tricks. Does anyone have any tips on how to make good horizontal combos? I’ve learned almost all the Yotricks horizontal tutorials so, does anyone else have any tutorials? Here’s my current combo. ( sorry for the poor video) @nightshadow ?


I imagine you’ve made it farther then most people on this forum… I can only do the basic gerbil combo, so I can’t say as to how you might progress even more. Have you looked at any of the player tutorials?


I had a while back but I probably need to refresh!

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That looks awesome man, good job keeping in horizontal.

I’m no incredible horizontal master, but the thing I’d do from there is start looking at mounts that are a little more complex like a double or nothing or similar. A lot of times people use that to even do some basic slack stuff like branding (I like to use a yuuki slack type thing)

Also I’d start looking at what arm combos work well horizontally.

But yeah, your horizontal looks awesome man, way to go.

Thanks! Yeah I’ve dabbled with some arm stuff but barely. Thanks for the tips!

You kids… when I was your age YoYos were made out of ceramic which is a fancy way of saying Clay. Also skateboard wheels were made of brick. The name “ black knight” comes to mind. Wish you all the luck though. I can barley throw vertically, on a good day. Up hill, both ways.